How much interest is payable on balances of GPF after superannuation?

Subscriber is required to submit, an application (Form 425-A) to the DDO in triplicate, one for payment of 90 percent of balance in the GPF Pass book and the other for the residual amount, within six months prior to the date of retirement in case of retirement on superannuation and within one month from the date on which the amount became payable in other cases.

Interest shall be payable end of the month preceding that in which the payment is authorized. Provided that where the application required for payment is submitted complete in all respects to the Head of Office or Department, whose duty is to forward the same to the Account Officer, after the expiry of six months from the date the amount claimed became payable, interest shall be payable only up to the end of the month preceding that in which the payment is authorised or up to the end of the twelfth month after the month in which such amount become payable, whichever is earlier. Where it is proved to the satisfaction of the Head of Office or Department concerned that the submission of the said application was delayed by circumstances beyond the control of the applicant the restriction of this provision shall not apply.


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