Account Function



Office of the  Accountant General (A&E), Uttarakhand compiles accounts received from 20 Treasuries (all banking). On an average, 35000 vouchers are received every month in the Voucher Transmission Section. The captured data from these vouchers are computerized in the VLC section. In addition, compiled accounts received from 214 divisions of Public Works, Forest and Irrigation are also computerized in the VLC section. Transactions that do not originate from the Treasury and involve PAOs & RBI, are consolidated into the VLC through the Book and AC Sections. Institutional loans & advances are monitored by the Loans & Advances Section. Pension Compilation Section is responsible for the detailed posting of pension vouchers. The Monthly Civil Accounts are thus prepared, which include the preparation of Detail Book, Classified Abstracts of Payments & Receipts, Consolidated abstract, abstract of major heads (CF of State/Contingency/Public Account) and Statement of disbursers’ account.


  • The vision of SAI India represents what we aspire to become: We strive to be a global leader and initiator of national and international best practices in public sector auditing and accounting and recognized for independent, credible, balanced and timely reporting on public finance and governance.

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  • Our mission enunciates our current role and describes what we are doing today: Mandated by the Constitution of India, we promote accountability, transparency and good governance through high quality auditing and accounting and provide independent assurance to our stakeholders, the Legislature, the Executive and the Public, that public funds are being used efficiently and for the intended purposes.

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